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The Little People of British Columbia Society for
Short Stature Awareness  is a non-profit organization for
children and adults with a growth disorder or dwarfism.

The purposes of the association are to provide social, emotional, and educational support to the membership and their families; to educate the general public about short stature; to provide a medical board knowledgeable about short stature; and to refer members to various community services and government agencies for additional support.

We are a little organization. A little organization for little people. We are Little People of BC. With very limited resources we provide services to our members and their families. Awareness, education, social, emotional and medical support, these are our goals. Our members may be small in stature, but we have big hearts and big dreams.
Little People of
British Columbia
Society for Short Stature Awareness
The beer is here!

Remember that little contest that you helped LPBC win? Phillips has officially released the LPBC Blood Orange Wit beer! You will be able to find the beer in private liquors stores only (not BC government liquor stores), starting January 20th.

Distribution is focused primarily around Victoria and Vancouver BC, with some of the beer heading up island as well. Please note that it might take an extra day or 2 before we see it on shelves outside of the Victoria area.

The 650mL bottles are $5.50 each, and if you’re planning to get your hands on some of this awesome LPBC beer, don’t wait! Benefit brews tend to sell out in just a few weeks.