Little People of
British Columbia
Society for Short Stature Awareness

The society was incorporated in 1982 and received Federal Charitable Tax Status in 1984. Our membership consists of persons of short stature and their immediate family members throughout British Columbia. Our volunteer base includes these members as well as service providers, legal and financial professionals, rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, and orthopedic and neurological specialists. LPBC is a grass roots organization that relies on its volunteers and members to provide services to persons of short stature, their families and communities.

LPBC provides a variety of programs and services to persons of short stature and their families including:

Resource Library
Quarterly newsletter
Information on Assistive Technology and Adaptive Aids
Adapted Sports and Recreation Opportunities
Social Activities
Parent Support and Information Exchange Groups
Scholarships for post secondary education, tutoring and career development

LPBC also provides resources and information about short stature to other non-profit organizations, schools, and community groups who may have a member with short stature and require additional support and resources.

As an organization, LPBC also strives to educate the public about short stature and the positive contributions that all members, regardless of physical ability or stature, can make to the community.