Persons of short stature come from all walks of 
life, all cultural, ethnic and social-economic 
background. Their short stature may be caused 
by a growth disorder or by one of over 200 
different types of skeletal dysplasia, commonly 
known as dwarfism. 

Membership is offered to persons of short stature,
their families and to medical professionals and 
community organizations concerned with persons of short stature. Find out more about the benefits of involvement or request a membership application by e-mail. 

LPBC provides a variety of opportunities for involvement throughout BC. From adapted sports programs for junior and teen members to discussion groups for parents and siblings of short statured members, our goal is to provide a variety of activities so that all members can participate in the organization. 

Whether members gather in educational workshops or on a less formal social basis, meeting other individuals of short stature and their families opens up a whole new 
world of information, support and most importantly friendship and understanding. 

Little People of BC Membership

Children meet other short statured adult role models and develop lifelong friendships with other  children with dwarfism. 

Parents exchange ideas and learn about health care,  adapting the home and school, laws addressing the needs of their children, and everyday community experiences. 

Adults and Seniors also have much to gain and contribute by participating in the organization. Sharing life skills and experience with young members helps build a sense of self-worth and independence. 
Teens and Young Adults benefit tremendously from the social opportunities available to them. Participation in LPBC helps develop leadership and organizational skills, confidence and positive self-esteem. 
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